Smoked Products


layer Bacon

Layer Bacon
First we select the leanest pork bellies. Next we naturally smoke them in our own smokehouses creating a hardwood, smoked flavored bacon. It is a long-time favorite among our customers. You will be amazed at how little our bacon shrinks when you fry it! We highly recommend some for your next breakfast.

Slab Bacon

Slab Bacon
We select the leanest pork bellies, which are naturally smoked in our own smokehouses creating a distinctive hardwood, smoked flavored bacon. It is a favorite among our customers.


TM-Pork Loin Whole-large

Smoked Pork Loin Bone In
Our Smoked Bone-In pork loin has been another favorite among our customers for years. We select only the leanest, most tender pork loins to go in our smokehouse. The loins are then partially cooked and the end result is a very tender, great flavored smoked pork loin.


TM-Smoked Skinless Shankless Ham-large

Smoked, Skinless, Shankless Ham (Whole) Our delicious Triple “S” hams! Smoked, skinless, shankless hams are trimmed of excess fat. Made of pork and quality ingredients this product is slightly seasoned and naturally smoked in house for a premium ham product.